Microsoft’s iOS Word Flow Keyboard Will Feature One-Handed Mode Technology

technologyJust over a week ago, rumors began to surface about Microsoft’s plan to bring its Word Flow mobile keyboard app to iOS. Now, there’s a report that says an early version of the technology—which will feature a special one-handed operating mode for Apple’s devices—already exists and is being tested.

Building on the Windows phone keyboard, Microsoft’s Word Flow will is expected to use separate user interfaces to accommodate both right handed and left handed users. The new, one-handed design, which appears as a fan style layout with each keyboard row on an arc—and similar to the one from Windows Vista—will make it easier to type using only your thumb. On the already existing Windows phone, the feature appears as a QWERTY keyboard, which is placed off to the right side of the screen. But for the iOS version, the keyboard will fan out from the bottom right or left corners of the screen—depending on which hand you’ve chosen in your preferences.

According to the report, the ergonomic-based iOS Word Flow will come with the usual set of features found on the Windows version—emoji character input, word auto-completion recommendations, and an intelligent swipe-based typing mode.

Microsoft has been making a lot of consumers happy in recent years due to their willingness to share their technology so that it can be used along with different platforms. Because of their openness, people are seeing a lot great products rise that are now Microsoft base. The software giant was hailed by many for lending its Cortana voice-recognizing virtual assistant to Apple’s mobile devices this past December. The company had ported other central Windows features to iOS before that.

While the cross-platforming has been a boon to the company, not everyone is happy with Microsoft’s recent method of operation. This new feature will most stir up some contempt with those who are currently using Windows 10 Mobile. Many are already beginning to feel as if Microsoft is abandoning them and their own platform every time they take something that was unique about their original operating system and give it to iOS and Android users.

In fact, recent comments on have been less than pleasant about the news. Take a look at a few of the comments below about this new iOS technology:

“This is just another middle finger to Windows Phone / Mobile users.” —Thinus

“I guess it’s only a matter of time before I have to choose between Apple and Google. Please tell me a meteor is scheduled to hit soon.” —RudyRedSox

“Microsoft turning every single windows phone fan to 100% Microsoft haters.” —vmxr

So is it a case of ‘you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t’? It seems that could be it could be. But one thing that is always certain in every aspect of life, which Microsoft should keep in mind, is that you can’t please everyone.

While there is still no official release date for the iOS Word Flow edition, many believe we may see something in the next few months. And FYI, Microsoft also said that an Android technology version is also in the works.

Google Wants To Make Your Smartphone Human…ish

smartphoneIn an effort to make your smartphone even smarter—like seeing-and-thinking-like-a-human smart—Google is teaming with chip designer Movidius in order to give your mobile devices deep-learning capabilities sooner rather than later. The Web giant has partnered with chip designer Movidius to accelerate the adoption of these types of deep learning capabilities within mobile devices. “Deep learning” refers to a complex neural network. Basically a computer program that mimics the human brain.

While Google has tackled neural networking before—most notably with its Translate app, which allows users to immediately convert text in images, and with SwiftKey and its word prediction powers—they have basically been held back by the lack of processing power required for these tasks. That’s where Movidius chips come in.

The partnership—which was just announced—will see Google using the chip maker’s processors in order to power its advanced neural computation engine on mobile devices. But the gains are not all just for Google. These advancements will, in turn, greatly assist Movidius with its neural network technology.

Movidius believes that the partnering will help give users “a more personal computing experience than ever before,” because it may lead to future mobile devices that can actually understand images and audio “with incredible speed and accuracy.”

Remi El-Ouazzane, the company’s CEO, went on to say that, “Movidius’s mission is to bring visual intelligence to devices so that they can understand the world in a more natural way…. This partnership with Google will allow us to accelerate that vision in a tangible way.”

Google will use Movidius’s number one chip, the MA2450 when it begins production. Movidius claims that the MA2450 is the only commercial solution on the market today that can perform complex neural network computations in “ultra-compact” form factors.

Blaise Agüera y Arcas, head of Google’s machine intelligence group in Seattle stated that, “what Google has been able to achieve with neural networks is providing us with the building blocks for machine intelligence, laying the groundwork for the next decade of how technology will enhance the way people interact with the world.” Blaise went on to say that, “by working with Movidius, we’re able to expand this technology beyond the data center and out into the real world, giving people the benefits of machine intelligence on their personal devices.”

While it may be awhile before we see devices with 100% human-like intelligence, it looks like Google and Movidius are taking a step in the right direction in order to make it so. It should be noted that two have partnered before—on 2014’s Project Tango, which was the prototype phone featuring the computer chip-maker’s Myriad 1 vision processor platform. This is a good sign for future phone owners—knowing that both companies have a great working relationship. Let’s hope that the fruits of their labors give us all the future we’ve always dreamed of.

Jailbreaking an iPhone Is Never An Illegal Course Of Action

jailbreakingMany people assume that ‘unlocking’ and ‘jailbreaking’ an iPhone are merely a similar thing. However, these two functions are different. Whenever you uncover your iPhone, you’re merely releasing your unit to become appropriate for any company and not just usually the one you purchased your product from. Around the other-hand, when you jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3, for instance, you will officially be removing most of the safety steps that your device’s has been on by Apple iOS. Because of this, you’ll manage to deploy various adjustments which are otherwise not allowed by Apple.

What Does the Law Say about Unlocking and Jailbreaking an iPhone?
Based on the US Selection of Congress, it’s not legal for almost any cellular phone owner to discover their smartphones if they were ordered after January 26, 2013. If you actually want to create your phone available for use with another circle, you may have the carrier was unlocked by by these devices. What’s not appropriate is for you to work with a third party vendor to discover it.

As for jailbreaking an iPhone, it’s really still legal to do this. Within the Electronic Copyright Act, it should stay legitimate throughout 2015 due to the exemption in fact. Apparently, what’s been produced illegal could be the jailbreaking of iPad. Questioning if it’s to jailbreak that is lawful my iPhone Mobile? Well, yes, it is okay to do this and also for iPod Hint.

What is with jailbreaking an iPhone, the matter?
Whether jailbreaking an iPhone is appropriate has actually not been a problem even yet in yesteryear. Hence, you have no motive at-all to bother of jailbreaking your iPhone, about the lawful effects. If there was a very important factor that is nevertheless making iPhone people reluctant to jailbreak their phone, it would be the proven fact that their gadgets may be harmed by this process.

Whenever you jailbreak your iPhone, you are formally setting your iPhone free from the iOS’s handle. Just what exactly does it imply to you personally? Jailbreaking your iPhone means that install and you can now begin to download applications that are unavailable in the Apple Store. A lot of people think if they are jailbroken, that iPhones be much more susceptible to viruses or other troubles. Well, there may be some fact to the. You cannot anymore make the most of the robust safety attributes that Apple offers its people as your iPhone will no longer be beneath the view of the Apple.

How do you jailbreak an iPhone?
There are many methods on the web as you are able to employ to jailbreak your iPhone, one being Uncover. With this specific device, you’ll be able to rest assured that its performance will not be lost by your iPhone. By paying once, you may also uncover multiple iPhones.

Different Ways of Tracing an Unknown Cellular Phone Number

tracingHave you ever acquired a series of odd text messages from phones amounts which are not recognized to you? You’re not really alone if yes. We have all gotten communications and calls from strangers, and it typically will become necessary tracing out who the stranger is. Numerous is that it’s rather easy todo, especially with all the aid of the best cell phone spy software remote deploy.

Thinking About Tracing the Phone Number?
Regardless of simple fascination, you would need to know who’s texting you for many reasons. To start with, the written text messages could possibly be harassing. You could also genuinely believe that it’s from someone your companion is having an occasion with. Such calls and texts may also originate from your child’s friends-you don’t learn about. Whatever your purpose is, realizing who owns the odd range will give you a peace of mind for sure.

How Do You Trace a Telephone Number?

  1. Google it!
    Using Google or any search engines that are other is of trying to find a amount, a highly popular and simple way. All you need to do analyze the search engine results and is typein the internet search engine the phone number. So you can checkout different results, you may need to alter the structure of the quantity.
  2. Check out nearby directories.
    of searching up a phone number another frequent means is by way of a regional index. The issue that is sole listed here is that phone websites do not have listings for cellular phone numbers.
  3. Use mobile phone spy software.
    This is probably the finest and most productive method of investigating an unidentified caller or text message sender. You may wonder is cell phone spy software lawful? Well, it’s equally a yes and a zero as it pertains to by using this type of spyware.

Spying on somebody else’s phone is not clearly legal since it is an invasion of solitude. But this merely applies if you are not the phone you are monitoring’s legitimate manager. There’s not a problem having its legality, in case you are going to use a cell phone tracker all on your own mobile phone, or perhaps the phone of your kid that you simply obtained.

Together with the help of a cell phone spy method, you’re able to track the contact information on the phone giving texts to you and contacting you. You could also document so you can hear exactly what the additional person is currently saying the phone calls.

Together with the several mobile phone spy programs available, picking one is difficult. When a firm promises to offer cell phone spy without phone access because, it is believed by Don’t this is not possible at all. Choose Highster Mobile mobile spy as it includes a long record of fantastic effectiveness and consistency.

Summary of What Cellular Phone Software Can Do

softwareTechnology has definitely improved and increased a lot of points in the world we stay in. The steady improvements in technology has caused a great number of alterations in how we do our careers, the way in which we connect, the way we work, and even the way in which we connect with oneanother. There is one that has continued to amaze those who find themselves deploying it – cell phone spy software, although there are various technological innovations we must be thankful for. Should you haven’t considered finding such software to spy on cell phone to the phone without access, you then are missing its many good gains.

Features of Mobile Phone Spy That Every Individual Might Have a Use for

Easy Spy cell phone software has built a reputation of as an extremely reliable monitoring tool, as a result of its attributes that were quite unique. With Easy Spy, you can certainly do the next:

Even and check pay attention to phone conversations
Phone calls aswell gives you to spy communications, although Easy Spy not simply. This application works inside the background so the user of the prospective phone will not even realize that somebody is hearing their interactions to the phone.

View all delivered and received texting
This is possibly the hottest feature of any phone spy software. But what’s special about Easy Spy is the fact that it lets messages that that is you spy have been already removed. This really is something which not totally all spy programs may do.

Monitor the place of the target phone
The GPS attribute of Easy Spy lets you observe the positioning of its particular individual and the prospective phone aswell. You’re able to choose how frequently you’re likely to have the report, nevertheless you can be confident the data you’ll get suggests the location of the phone instantly.

Track and view emails
Maybe you have pondered what your workers, as an example, ship and receive on their emails? With Easy Spy, you don’t need to worry anymore your private business data is being leaked to your competition. You can even conserve a copy of all these emails for future research.

Watch media files
Easy Spy can be an allow you to view all of the records within the prospective phone’s media folder. This element is advantageous for parents who’re inquisitive about what movies their youngsters or images are using using their cellphones.

Remotely phone camera
Another popular feature of Easy Spy is its power access the goal phone’s camera remotely. This means that you’ll not only be messages that are able to spy, but likewise take photos utilising the camera. Considering all these incredible functions, there’s little doubt that Easy Spy is your absolute best solution when it comes to phone spying.

Why You Would Need a Cell Phone Spy Software

cell phone spyIn virtually any sort of relationship, it’s typically certain for starters party to doubt fidelity and the loyalty of another party. If you’re in times where you consider your partner might be covering anything there are numerous things that can come with regards to how you’re going to check his every move for your intellect. From the best spy software for cellular phones, you’ll undoubtedly benefit in cases like this by looking into the information found on

How Can Cellphone Spying Applications Work?
Fundamentally, what you’re planning to do is mount the Highster Mobile cell phone monitor software on the goal phone, which, in cases like this, is the husband’s phone. You won’t have any problems when it comes to finding a software that is appropriate using the target phone’s operating system because almost all phone tracking applications can be mounted on any OS. However, in case your phone that is husband’s is running within an iOS, then you definitely may cell phone spyhave to jailbreak the iPhone for one to install the software.

You might begin jogging the software’s functions and getting all the information you intend to have from your own husband’s mobile unit once you’ve fitted the program on the goal phone. Take notice you will have to register as the individual of the application and that means you could receive the accounts often through mail or your cell phone.

What Characteristics Can You Anticipate?
Highster Mobile software comes with a quantity of capabilities that are amazing that may permit you to know what your spouse does along with his phone.

Here are a few of the greatest features you should use:

  • Text Message Tracking – the best spy software for cell phones allows one to access a target phone is logged on by the meaning. This means that you may not be unable to see every one of the texts delivered to and in the phone. Interested in how this feature works? There’s a whole article on it on Mobile Spy World at
  • Call Logs – you will be also sent reports of the talks happening to the goal phone by the spy software. You and you will have the phone variety of the people and a recording of such conversations, respectively!
  • iMessages – if your partner is utilizing an iPhone, for example, there’s a feature he might be using though iMessages to send additional iPhone consumers messages. As Highster Mobile has an attribute that lets you observe another phone’s iMessages, this will not be concealed from you, ofcourse.
  • GPS Locator – if you’re questioning where your partner could be in a specific time, you can use Highster Mobile’s GPS locator to acquire real-time revisions around his phone’s area.

These are only a number of the several trendy attributes of Highster Mobile cell phone check software that will allow you to do effective and correct phone monitoring. To find out more about Highster Mobile look into the product review at

What to Know About Cell Phone Spy Software

cell phone spyEnsure that you know what features it is sold with, and what this technology is for before making any conclusion to get distinct mobile phone spy tracking software. You have an improved potential for selecting the absolute most reputable and powerful method by getting time for you to study a few mobile phone spy applications on

How come it very important to study reviews?
There are numerous mobile phone spy tracking application now available on the net. Although it is good which you possess a variety of products and brands to pick from, there’s hardly any assurance that you will end up purchasing a genuine one. The miserable the fact is that a lot of corporations online have a tendency to mislead their customers together with the single intent behind making a fortune. So just how have you been purported to realize those that you can really trust? Well, there’s no greater approach than to hear from the people who have utilized the item to do this themselves. Therefore, reading a couple of product reviews will help you produce an informed purchase choice.

Here’s our Top 3 Cell Phone Traveler Tracking Software

#1 Easy Spy
Easy Spy may be the user-friendly and most powerful program for following tablets and cellular phones. Its attributes include text tracking, call records, remote microphone activation, email monitoring, and tracking things like the topic of this article:

Where you could view it anytime all routines and info in the target phone are provided for your Safe Online Consideration. You just need to join along with computer or your mobile system. It works on numerous cellular phone units including Motorola, Android LG, HTC and iPhones.

#2 Auto Forward
Among the best reasons for having Auto Forward is the fact that you won’t need to make use of a pc use or to install the software’s software. All you have to is access to both your phone and also the phone you wish to monitor. Auto Forward even offers A UNIQUE Grasp Cellular Software that enables you to observe every protected activity around the target phone straight out of your own mobile phone or tablet.

Auto Forward offers a wide range of attributes, including texting, phone photo, history and movie records, site sessions, in addition to the ability to serve on iPhone units and others as an SMS monitor.

#3 Highster Mobile
Highster Mobile cell phone spy is one of many most reliable and sophisticated mobile phone tracking application you can use to history texts and phone conversations happening to the target phone. One of the distinctive features Facebook logs, browser history logs, and stealth camera. All features and other information can be seen in the BCPSA review;

Every one of these cell phone spy software programs are not illegitimate and extremely trustworthy. Upon visiting their individual websites, you’ll observe that none of them promises to have the potential spy on cell phone to phone without access. Visit with their sites to learn more about their strong functions.

You Think There Is Mobile Phone Spy Without Telephone Access? There Is Not.

mobile phone spyOne typical question we frequently notice is whether a distant cell phone spy tracker is for perhaps a con or real. This dilemma has kept dubious specially since many businesses are still currently proclaiming that it’s probable to put in a cell phone spy without phone access. Such promises lead among buyers to a lot of confusion, and also this is strictly what we’re going to make an effort to clean up in this article.

Is it possible without having access to it, to spy on a mobile phone?
NO. Spying on somebody else’s mobile phone without actually accessing it’s impossible, unless you work with the CIA. If your spy software supplier that is particular promises to become the best cell phone spy software remote mount, there isn’t any way you ought to think it immediately! Perhaps the biggest titles in the market like Easy Spy, available at, don’t permit people believe this really is practically possible. There are certainly a number of causes you can’t mount so is not legal, such software remotely – doing, which kind of engineering isn’t that advanced for this to become feasible.

Are cell phone spy apps supposed to function?
Another thing many phone spy designers claim may be their products to be downloaded on any device’s power. This looks too-good to be correct, certainly. The first obstacle here is the undeniable fact before you install any additional cell phone spy application in it, that you will need to jailbreak an iPhone first. To understand exactly how you would install and use the software you should check out

It’s equally difficult to consider also that you simply need to call the mark phone’s number in order to put in the phone monitor. Perhaps the things they are discussing listed here is currently using Bluetooth tethering. The situation here’s which you still need to turn-on another phone’s Wireless function to not be unable to pass any report. Additionally, that phone’s user must accept what you’re delivering her or him for that installation to be concluded.

How would you understand there can be something a fraud?
Always a couple are of methods you can tell not or when the cell phone spy software you’re being presented is just a fraud. First many scammers, of all offer a one time fee solution due to their software. They’d also assure lifetime upgrades free of charge! You can’t consider that one as you obviously should purchase a particular service for so long as you’re utilizing it?

You need to make sure the website of the organization building unusual offers for cell phone spy without phone access as nicely. They’re attempting to scam you clears, if you can’t find phone numbers or any office address.

If you want a cell phone spy method that is reliable, Easy Spy will be the brand to trust. Not just does it offer special and strong characteristics, it guarantees quality and safe service. Examine  to learn more about its functions.

Using Cell Phone Spyware to Monitor a Cell Phone

cell phone spywareAs parents, you merely need the most effective for your children. In addition you desire to let them have whatever it’s that produces them happy, and that’s why many parents are nice enough to get their kids pricey and innovative mobile phones. You’ll find items your kids cando with their devices that may compromise their security, although there is actually a cell phone a need, needless to say. This fact is what has prompted a lot of US to-use the best cell phone spyware that is spying.

Auto Forward can be a preferred cell phone spy app that lots of parents, including me, have considered for near monitoring of the underage kids’ mobile phone pursuits. Here are a few of the maximum characteristics you are able to assume, if you’re considering by using this application:

Text Logs
For you’re that is sure constantly wondering who your youngster is changing communications with. By installing Auto Forward on his or her portable phone, you will see all of the texting delivered to and in the goal phone. You’ll see even the time and time, the phone quantity of the sender, and the total material of the messages of the information exchange. What’s more, through this application, you might still access these messages that have been deleted recently.cell phone spyware

GPS Location
Of course the kids don’t want to let you know where they’re. Well, being an excellent phone spy app is sold with a GPS feature that displays the actual place of the goal phone instantly, you don’t must drive them anymore. Since it allows me understand my kids’ whereabouts, this is one-of the best Auto Forward attributes. The place that is web can be accessed by you during your phone or email.

iMessages Saving
An iPhone is used by my daughter, and he frequently delivers iMessages to his connections instead of the carrier’s TXT messaging company. The great thing is that Auto Forward also has a feature that displays iMessages. Just like how regular messages’ saving goes, I possibly could see the information of the iMessages.

Remote Camera
Can you genuinely believe that it’s today feasible to access also another phone’s collection of pictures and videos? Yes, the best cell phone software that is spying on the market permits their customers to view the photographs and videos located within the goal phone. You can even conserve all these products on your desktop or even a display drive.

Simplicity of Use
Auto Forward can be a powerful nonetheless quite simple-to-use mobile app. Much like any spy plans that are portable that are other, you cannot put it to use to monitor a mobile phone without use of the phone. You will must have entry to the goal phone for you to be able to install the software.